Civia Cycles Transportation Bikes

Civia Hylands

One of our goals at this years InterBike Show this past week was to secure a dealership agreement with Civia Cycles.  We have succeeded and are very happy to join up with such a wonderful company.  They are truly dedicated to great design, engineering,  product quality and accessories to meet the demands of the growing numbers of bicycle commuters.

“Typically, Civia owners are cyclists that already have a good road or mountain bike and understand the characteristics that make for a good ride.  If a Civia is their first bike, they know from other purchases that the best deal doesn’t always have the lowest price; spending a little more where it counts can be well worth it.  Our strength is in subtlety and detail that may not be apparent until examined up close. A Civia’s ride quality speaks for itself and is undeniably our best sales person.”