Catrike 2012 Recumbent Trike Sale

Catrike is finally into it’s new larger facility in Florida where each Catrike recumbent trike is handcrafted.  The new 2013 models are now shipping.

Some of the changes every Catrike model comes with a 30-speed SRAM drivetrain. This includes TT500 bar-end shifters, an X7 rear derailleur and a 10spd 11-36 cassette. The crankset is now upgraded to a 30-42-52 FSA Gossamer with a stock chainguard. The 700 has also gotten a lighter and stiffer Velocity rear wheel. Additionally you can select your choice of color at no extra fee.

To make room for the new models all our 2012 remaining stock is on sale.  Please call 530-676-3305 to learn more about available models and pricing.



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ICE Adventure HD – Recumbent of the Year 2012


With sales hotter than ever last year, it didn’t surprise me that my best selling recumbent trike would make BROL Recumbent of the Year for 2012.

Catrike Winter Promotion 2012

From Catrike

It’s that time of the year when the sun shines less but we want to work together to break the ice and melt the snow this winter by introducing a new color, Lava Red. For our Winter Promotion we are launching this new rich and vibrant color, much like Electric Blue, with a $200 discount on all Catrike models. Additionally, the same promotion price of $200 off MSRP will apply to any Catrike in White for all our Snow Cat customers out there.

Our custom and flexible powder coating system allows every Catrike to be unique and showcase different personalities in every trike, and so we are also offering any Catrike in any color, including our beautiful Premium Colors, at a $100 discount off of the standard MSRP ($200-$250 retail value). This also includes the newly released Catrike Road with rear suspension!


Catrike Expedition MSRP $2550

Promo price in Lava Red or White: $2550 – $200 = $2350

Promo price for all other colors including premium / double coat: $2550 – $100 = $2450

These promotional prices will be applied to all models and are available until the end of the year 2012.

We are building custom color Catrikes everyday so we have plenty of inventory available ready to ship.

Thank you for all your support as we continue to manufacture Catrikes in the United States.

Schwalbe Tryker Tires in Stock

The first special tire for tricycle recumbents from Schwalbe.

Sizes limited to 40-406 or 20 x 1.50″. These are folders and light at 320 grams. Our price is $42.85. If you are riding a 26 x 1.5″ rear tire I would suggest using the Marathon Racer for the rear tire.

Tire construction and profile contours are co-ordinated with the special requirements of a multi-track vehicle
in mind. Tricycle recumbents exert completely different loads on tires than conventional bicycles. Nevertheless the tires must be light and fast, because drive is still achieved through muscle power and should therefore be as effective as possible. Massive motor vehicle tires are out of the question. The Tryker takes on the challenge of minimal rolling friction and high durability for the recumbent tricyclist. It has ECE-R75 certification for faster E-Bikes.