Recumbent Bikes and TRIKES

Gold Country offers a great selection of recumbent bikes and trikes from some of the best builders in both the USA and abroad. We have recumbents bikes and trikes to suite the needs for anyone seeking a natural and more comfortable riding position. Throw away those boxes of bike saddles and spend hours of enjoyment riding without pain. We prefer doing test rides by appointment to give you more personalized attention to your requirements. Please call or drop us an email to set up an appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome with test rides limited to time available.

Real World Performance - it's not a catch phrase to Bacchetta, it's the essence of what they're about. For the past 5 years, Bacchetta has revolutionized the recumbent world with designs that truly perform. Utilizing a monotube frame layout, Bacchetta has managed to build some of the best handling, best performing bicycles anywhere. Their dual 650 high racers have stormed the ultra racing scene, setting numerous records and placing first in class in the prestigious Race Across America. Bacchetta offers a full line of recumbents with entry-level models for the first time recumbent rider, all the way up to full carbon racing bikes for experienced ultra racers.

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Catrike Trikes
See why Catrike trikes have been named Bentrideronline readers choice for five years in a row.

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ICE Trikes
With 25 years of experience and heaps of enthusiasm, ICE is on a constant mission to innovate and improve. They use the latest technologies, the finest materials, and good-old workshop engineering skills to design and build trikes that are second to none.

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HP Velotechnik Recumbent Trikes and Bikes
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride - recumbents and trikes are the perfect form of transportation for active people. At HP Velotechnik they have been working for more than 16 years on creating the best range of recumbent bicycles and accessories you can buy.

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Australian trike builder Greenspeed is known for building the toughest, most refined, and most well-tested trikes on the market. Their trikes have been tested in brutal conditions all over the world and it shows in the quality and durability of their designs. Their folding models are exceptionally clever and can be packed down to fit in the back of a car in just minutes. Gold Country is a Greenspeed Custom Shop, was California's largest Greenspeed dealer in 2004.

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Rans is one of the world's largest recumbent manufacturers. They've been designing and building world-class recumbents since the late '70s, and today they're still going strong with a line-up that includes a collection of refined, traditional designs, as well as a number of innovative dual 26" long-wheelbase bikes.

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Volae recumbents are designed to out-perform the best upright road racing machines while providing the incredible comfort that recumbent bikes are famous for. Volae offers recumbents equipped with carbon forks, top-notch components, racing wheels, and lightweight, high-tech, molded seats. These recumbents look like what they are: modern, sleek racing machines.

All of Volae's frames are hand made in limited quantities at Waterford Precision Cycles in Waterford, Wisconsin. Waterford brings quality to Volae that is unavailable elsewhere in the recumbent community.

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