All bike ride content to include narratives, elevation profiles and printable maps were created and provided courtesy of Charles Lee, local touring enthusiast and valued customer. Special thanks to Charles from all of us at Gold Country Cyclery for letting us host this wealth of regional bike information.
Bike Rides
  All maps, rides and other documents listed here are for informational purposes only.  No liability is assumed please check locally for latest riding conditions.  Detours, weather conditions, traffic densities vary constantly.  Please be cautious when riding, wear a bicycle helmet and obey all traffic laws.

General El Dorado County Rides:
Overview (including rides listed below) 
El Dorado Trail (Placerville) (6 miles - one way)  New!
Shingle Springs - Deer Valley Loop (17 miles)
Rock Creek - Finnon Reservoir
(17 miles)
Placerville - Newtown Loop
(21 miles)
Shingle Springs - Old French Town Loop
(21 miles)
Mosquito Road Loop
(24 miles)
Placerville - Pollock Pines - Pleasant Valley
(37 miles)
Folsom Lake Loop (53 miles) 

Cool / Coloma Region:
Overview (including rides listed below) 
Coloma - Thompson_Hill_Loop
(13 miles)
Placerville - Prospectors - Chili Bar Loop (29 miles)
Coloma - Georgetown - Cool
(28 - 32 miles) 
Salmon Falls - Lotus - Green Valley Loop (42 - 45 miles)

Apple Hill Region:
(including rides listed below) 
Placerville to Fruitridge Rd. (10 miles)
Placerville to North Canyon Loop
(13 Miles)
Placerville to Cable Loop
(19 miles)
Placerville to Mace Loop
(22 miles)
Mountain Bike Ride:
Ghost_Mountain_Loop (14 miles - Mtn Bikes only)  New!

Pleasant Valley Region:
Overview  (including rides listed below) 
Pleasant Valley - Five Spot Loop (8 miles)
Pleasant Valley - Shooting Star Loop
(9 miles)
Pleasant Valley - Sierra Springs Loop
(12 miles)
Pleasant Valley - Starks Grade Loop
(16 miles)
Pleasant Valley - Fairplay Ride
(20 miles)

Sly Park / Iron Mountain Region:
Road Bike Ride:
Iron Mountain Road Climb
(41 miles)
Pleasant Valley - Capps Crossing Loop
(51 miles)
Mountain Bike Ride:
Snow Mill - Cosumnes Mine Loop
(20 miles - Mtn Bikes only)

Union Valley Region:
Hwy 50 - Ice House Reservoir (23 miles) 
Ice House Reservoir - Loon Lake (40 miles) 

Latrobe Region:

El Dorado Hills - Latrobe - Plymouth (34 miles)
Latrobe - French Creek - Green Valley (39 miles)

Fairplay Region:
(including rides listed below) 
Perry Creek - Fairplay Rd Loop
(7 miles)
Perry Creek - Dorado Canyon Loop
(12 - 14 miles)
Slug Gulch - Fairplay Rd Loop
(18 miles)
Slug Gulch - Dorado Canyon Loop
(20 - 22 miles)
Fairplay - Fiddletown Loop (20 - 24 miles)   New!
Slug Gulch - Hwy 88 - Shake Ridge Loop
(48 miles)
Note:  Printable Maps to take with you are available for each of the above rides.  Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 4 or above) is required to print them out correctly.  You can get the Acrobat Reader free by using the link above.

Riding here is as varied as it can get.  Lower elevations tend to favor road bikes (though not always!). Higher elevations tend to favor mountain bikes.   Currently all rides listed are road (paved) rides, but we plan to add in some mountain bike rides soon.  Of course, either road bikes or mountain bikes work great on the paved rides listed above.

If anything is common throughout El Dorado county, is that it's a very rare ride you won't encounter hills.  The amount of climbing depends on the direction you go.  If your ride tends to be more east-west, then you tend to follow rivers (or ridges) and the hill climbing will "tend" to be more gradual.  North-South routes are more hilly, but can be more scenic... nothing beats a sweeping view from a hilltop or ridge.

One note about the ride ratings...  there's very few "easy" rides around here, unless you limit yourself to the bike path in Placerville.  As far as being moderate or difficult, that really depends on the person.  I tried to classify it based on experience of those in the local bike group, and considering distance and elevation gains.  Always, these ratings are subjective at best.  Beginners will find the moderate rides difficult, whereas experienced riders may find the difficult rides easy.  I tried to classify towards the "semi-experienced" rider - someone who finds a 10-20 mile bike ride as moderate.

Climate varies as much as the terrain.  Lower elevations tend to be hot in the summer and moderately cool in the winter (about half the winter days you can still ride).  Higher elevations - above 4000 ft - can have snow in the winter, but be relatively mild in the summer - great place to escape from the valley heat.  A few minutes drive up or down the hill can make a world of difference!

Most people tend to bicycle in the lower elevations (less than 4,000 ft) where there are more paved roads.  Some roads are busy with traffic (and we'll point these out as best as we can), while others have practically no traffic at all.

One region bears special mentioning... Apple Hill.  This is a popular place to ride, but in the Fall season, the automobile and bus traffic can be enormous!  Best to avoid this area between Labor Day (early September) and Christmas (tree cutting for the holidays).  Spring and Summer are the best times to ride here.