South Shingle / Old French Town Loop

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate (2100' total climbing)
Riding Time: 2 hours  Printable Area Map:  South Shingle / Old French Town Loop  (Adobe Acrobat required)
Season to Ride:  All year - except coldest winter days. Ideal in Spring and Fall.  Summer afternoons may be too hot.

Description:  Despite the name, there is no town of Old French Town.  This is a very nice ride to do basically any time of year.  Our bike group tend to ride it in the summer evenings.  Road conditions vary considerably.  Mother Load Dr and the first section of South Shingle Rd can have very heavy traffic.  Brandon Rd, French Creek Rd, and Old French Town Rd though usually has very little traffic, and this loop is designed to maximize your time on these roads. There's some very nice scenery along the way - especially on the lower portions of French Creek Rd - there's something about the hills around there that makes it special.

Miles  Directions
0.0 Start at Greenstone "Park n Ride".  It's located on the north side of Highway 50 right off the Greenstone exit.  Start ride by heading South (going under Highway 50) on Greenstone Rd.
1.7 Greenstone Rd ends.  Turn Right on Mother Lode Dr.  Heavy traffic on this road.
4.6 Town of Shingle Springs (groceries available).  At stop sign, turn Left on South Shingle Rd.  Heavy traffic for first mile, then starts to lighten up.
10.5 Turn Left on Brandon Rd. 
12.7 Brandon Rd ends.  Turn Left on French Creek Rd.
17.1 Road "Y" with Old French Town Rd.  Go towards Right on Old French Town Rd.
19.8 Old French Rd ends at Mother Lode Dr.  Turn Right, than an immediate Left on Greenstone Rd.
21.5 Pass under Highway 50.  Ride ends at Greenstone Park n Ride.