Pleasant Valley / Fairplay Ride

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate to Difficult (2200' total climbing)
Riding Time: 2 hours  Printable Area Map:  Pleasant Valley / Fairplay Ride  (Adobe Acrobat required)
Season to Ride:  Late Spring through Fall

Description:  This is somewhat of an unusual ride in that you start at the highest elevation of the ride.  This ride will cross two forks of the Consumnes River (North and Middle Fork).  The ride then continues to Fairplay where it does a loop through some of the winery region.  It then starts backtracking on E16 (Mt Aukum Rd).  If it's a hot summer day, there is a local swimming hole on the Middle Fork (I've seen people swimming down there, but I have yet to try it).  Look east when you cross the Middle Fork towards the old bridge, it's right below that.  After the climb back up to Somerset, you quickly detour on Happy Valley Rd, where you will enjoy some very beautiful river crossings on small one lane bridges (the second of which is an old wooden bridge that you will have to walk across).  The road then climbs back to E16 (Mt Aukum Rd) and continues climbing back to Pleasant Valley.

Miles  Directions
0.0 Start at corner of E16 (also known as Mt. Aukum Rd) and Pleasant Valley Rd.  Head South on E16. 
2.5 Cross the North Fork of the Consumnes River.
3.4 Go straight through Somerset (very limited supplies)
5.3 Cross Middle Fork of the Consumnes River.  Start moderate climb to Fairplay.
6.4 Turn Left on Fairplay Rd (limited food supplies at Gas Station)
6.5 Turn Left on Perry Creek Rd.  About 2 miles down you'll start seeing some wineries.
10.0 Pass Slug Gulch Rd - continue straight
10.3 Turn Right on Fairplay Rd
13.4 Pass Perry Creek Rd - continue straight
13.5 Turn Right on E16 (Mt. Aukum Rd)
14.7 Cross Middle Fork on Consumnes River.  
16.6 Pass Somerset.  Next turn comes up quickly (about 200 yards past intersection)
16.7 Turn Right on Happy Valley Rd
17.9 Cross North Fork of Consumnes River.
18.1 Intersection with Happy Valley Cutoff Rd. Go straight on Happy Valley Cutoff Rd.
18.2 Cross wooden bridge (if you have a road bike, you'll need to walk this)
18.6 Turn Right on E16 (Mt Aukum Rd)
20.5 End ride in Pleasant Valley