Placerville / Pollock Pines / Sly Park Loop

Level of Difficulty:  Difficult (4200' total climbing)
Riding Time: 4 hours  Printable Area Map:  Placerville_Pollock_Pines_Loop (Adobe Acrobat required)
Season to Ride:  Late Spring through Summer

Description:  This ride is affectionately referred to as the "Once around the Block" ride.  It covers a wide variation of terrain, starting at relatively low elevations in Placerville (1900 ft) then climbing up to over 4200'.  The ride covers the entire range from warmer Oak covered hills to cool Pine forests.  Along the way you'll pass Apple Hill (popular in the Fall season) and Sly Park - a popular Summer recreation area.  The ride listed below is only a suggestion.  If you'd like to expand this ride, you can incorporate the Mace Road Loop (exiting on Mace Road to Pony Express Trail to continue this ride), or exit from Sly Park Rd to Starks Grade for a quieter detour down to Pleasant Valley Rd.  Several combinations exist, and the options are as varied as your imagination.  For the first time rider unfamiliar with the roads in El Dorado county, the ride below is given as a basic ride.  It's best to do this ride during the morning before Summer traffic at Sly Park increases.  This is a good long ride, and grocery stores can be found at Placerville, Camino, Pollock Pines, near Sly Park entrance, and Pleasant Valley.

Miles Directions
0.0 Start on Bike Path
1.8 Bike Path ends.  Turn Left on Jacquier Rd
2.7 Jacquier Rd ends.  Turn Right on Carson Rd
7.6 Enter town of Camino
8.1 Road approaches Highway 50.  Turn Left on Pony Express Trail (before road goes under bridge)
11.2 Turn Right at Snowline Gas Station and go under Highway 50.
11.3 Turn Left on Frontage Rd
13.9 Frontage Rd ends at Sly Park Rd.  Turn Right onto Sly Park Rd. Traffic increases here.
(If needed, groceries can be purchased about 200 yards to left in Pollock Pines)
15.4 Reach top of hill
16.6 Pass Starks Grade 
(Alternate route: If Sly Park Rd is too busy, exit on Starks Grade, take it downhill to the end, then turn Left on Newtown Rd, then Right on Pleasant Valley Rd.  This will put you back on Pleasant Valley Rd just after the town of Pleasant Valley)
17.9 Pass Sly Park Store (groceries)
18.4 Pass Sly Park Dam Rd (1/2 mile detour gives great view of Lake and Mountains)
25.0 Enter Pleasant Valley (groceries available at corner of E16 and Sly Park Rd).  Continue straight.  Road becomes Pleasant Valley Rd.
29.8 Stop sign at Bucks Bar Rd.  Continue straight.
30.0 Turn Right on Cedar Ravine Rd.
31.4 Turn Left on Quarry Rd.
33.0 Quarry Rd ends.  Turn Right on Big Cut Rd.
33.8 Cross Weber Creek.
35.7 Top of hill.  Road "T".  Go towards Left and descend to Placerville.
36.1 Turn Left on Pacific St.  Then turn an immediate Right on Sacramento St.
36.2 Turn Right onto Main St.
37.0 Main St veers to Left.  At stop sign, go straight under Highway 50 (don't go on Broadway)
37.1 Turn Left onto Mosquito Rd just before entering Highway 50.  Start of Bike Path is 100 yards away.
37.2 End ride at Bike Path parking lot.