Perry Creek / Dorado Canyon Loop
Alternate 1: Return on Dorado Canyon Rd

Alternate 2: Return on E16 / Mt Aukum Rd

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate (1200' total climbing for Dorado Canyon Loop, and 1400' climbing for E16 Loop)
Riding Time: 1.5 hours  Printable Area Map:  Perry Creek / Dorado Canyon Loop  (Adobe Acrobat required)
Season to Ride:  All Year

Description:  This ride further extends the Perry Creek / Fairplay Road Loop but still avoids the difficult Slug Gulch Climb.  In this case, the first 4 miles are the same, but when reaching Fairplay, you turn Left (instead of Right).  This will take you on a climb to Omo Ranch Road.  From here you descend to Dorado Canyon - a small private road with very little traffic that cuts back to Fairplay Rd near where you started.  Traffic note:  At this point, Dorado Canyon Rd is an unmarked private road.  Permission to go through can be revoked at any time.  When riding though here, be especially kind to cars and residents, and we should be able to continue riding this.  If permission does get revoked, then you need to continue on Omo Ranch Rd to E16 / Mt. Aukum Rd (Alternate 2 Ride), turning right at the intersection.  This will add 2 miles to the route, and E16 / Mt. Aukum Rd has heavier traffic than Dorado Canyon Rd.  Both routes are on the same printout, so you can decide when you get to Dorado Canyon which way you'd like to go.

Miles  Directions
0.0 Start at Pioneer Park.  Go directly across Fairplay and start riding on Perry Creek Rd.
Park location is 200 yards east of the intersection of E16 and Fairplay Rd (on Fairplay Rd)
3.4 Pass Slug Gulch Rd.  Start brief sharp climb to Fairplay.
3.7 Top of hill.
4.0 Perry Creek Rd ends.  Turn Left on Fairplay Rd.  Traffic increases here.
5.0 Top of Hill
5.5 Fairplay Rd ends.  Turn Right on Omo Ranch Rd.
8.5 Two alternate routes you can take
Alternate 1:  Dorado Canyon Rd (quieter, shorter route but goes on private road)
8.5 Turn Right on Dorado Canyon Rd (private road).  Not clearly marked in this direction.  White fence and paved road are basic indicators. Road is not gated. Ride on this road with good respect to cars and residents so we may continue riding here.
9.7 Start of very sharp descent to creek
10.0 Cross creek at bottom of hill.
11.4 Dorado Canyon Rd ends.  Turn Left on Fairplay Rd.
11.9 Ride ends at Pioneer Park.
Alternate 2:  E16 Mt Aukum Rd (main roads all the way through - heavier traffic on E16)
8.5  Pass Dorado Canyon Rd (alternate route)
9.0  Omo Ranch Rd ends. Turn Right on E16
10.8 Pass D'Agostini Dam. 
11.3 Begin 0.8 mile climb (more of a staircase type climb)
13.6 Turn Right on Fairplay Rd
13.7 End ride at Pioneer Park.