Ghost Mountain Loop

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate 
(1000' total climbing) 
Riding Time: 1.5 hours  Printable Area Map:  Ghost Mountain_Loop  
(Adobe Acrobat required)
Season to Ride:  Spring and Summer (Fall season can have heavy traffic due to Apple Hill harvest).

This ride is a pleasant Mountain Bike ride - with most climbing on pavement and light traffic once off Pony Express Trail Rd.   Ghost Mountain is a local resort and has some interesting old-west style buildings that are unique.  Once past Ghost Mountain, Badger Hill Rd turns to dirt, and with the exception of one small climb, is mostly flat or downhill to Cable Rd.  Note that Badger Hill Rd can be extremely "dusty" in late summer, so be prepared to get your bike dirty (it washes off pretty easily though).  Cable Road is in much better condition - and the road winds its way though beautiful forests before becoming paved as it enters the Apple Hill region.  Just before the road becomes paved - right around the 10.7 mile mark - on the right side (as the road makes a sharp turn to the right) you may see what is possibly one of the largest Madrona trees around (it looks like an Oak tree at the base, but look upwards to the leaves, and you'll notice that its definitely not Oak!).

Traffic and Road notes: Carson Rd and Pony Express Trail can have moderate traffic - can be heavy during Apple Hill season (Labor Day to Thanksgiving). Light traffic elsewhere.  From mid to late Summer, Badger Hill Rd can have patches of very soft dirt - almost like sand - but can be ridden through if you go slow and steady.  Relatively steep descent to Cable Road from Badger - road seems to be firm here. 




Start at corner of Carson Rd and Snows Rd.   (Parking available nearby in town).


Turn Left on Pony Express Trail (just before Hwy 50).


Turn Left onto Blair Rd (just before top of hill)


Turn Left onto Badger Hill Rd (sign here for Ghost Mtn Resort).


Ghost Mtn Resort.  Veer towards right (donít go left).  In about 100 feet, youíll see a sign that points towards Edison Trail (right).  Follow this sign (towards Edison Trail).  Road becomes a dirt road.   You are still on Badger Hill Rd here.


Intersection with Edison Trail.  Turn Left (stay on Badger Hill Rd ).  Several unmarked smaller roads to left and right follow Ė stay on main road.


Start sharp descent down to Cable Rd.


Intersection with Cable Rd.   Turn Left.  Very pleasant cycling here.


Cable Road becomes paved.


Intersection with Mace Rd.   Go to Right (continue on Cable Rd ).


Intersection with Carson Rd.  Turn Right onto Carson  Rd .


Ride ends at Snows Rd.