Fairplay Fiddletown Loop

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate (2000' total climbing on 20 mile ride; 2100' climbing on 24 mile ride) 
Riding Time: 2-3 hours  Printable Area Map:  Fairplay Fiddletown Loop  (Adobe Acrobat required)
Season to Ride:  Year round - except coldest winter days

Description:  This is an absolutely delightful ride that takes you through the lower foothills in both El Dorado County and Amador County.  Along the way you'll pass wineries, ranches, and old buildings (in Fiddletown).  There are two rides listed here - the first returns from Amador County on Lawrence Rd - which takes you on a narrow path past old ranch homes (and a very beautiful valley).  The second path is about 4 miles longer and goes further along Tyler Rd before returning on Bridgeport School Rd - it too has very picturesque scenery.  Which way to go?  Both are great - and makes it worth repeating to try the other route.

Traffic / Ride notes:
 E16 / Mt Aukum Rd (goes by both names) can have moderate traffic and no shoulder in many places.  Traffic should be light elsewhere.  There two grocery stores along the way - one right at the beginning of the ride (corner of E16 and Fairplay) and one in the town of Mt Aukum (which you'll pass twice on the ride).  No services are available in Fiddletown.





Start at Pioneer Park .  Turn Left onto Fairplay Rd.
location is 200 yards east of the intersection of E16 and Fairplay Rd (on Fairplay Rd ).



Turn Left on E16 / Mt Aukum Rd (goes by both names).  Traffic can be moderate here with little shoulder.



Pass D’Agostini Reservoir.  Begin moderate climb to near Mt. Aukum .



Intersection with Omo Ranch Rd.   Continue straight on E16 / Mt Aukum Rd. Shoulder widens here for a few miles.



Town of Mt. Aukum (limited supplies). If you need any food for the ride, this will probably be your only place to get it.



Turn Left on Ostrom Rd. (at end of large vineyard on left side). 
Immediately begin steep 0.2 mile climb.



Top of steep climb.  Road descends through a small valley, then climbs again (not as steep this time).  Second descent brings you to Fiddletown.



Ostrom Rd ends at stop sign. Turn Left on unmarked Road.



Intersection with Tyler Rd.   Continue straight on Tyler Rd (go uphill).  A 100 yard detour to Right will take you to Fiddletown (no services, but interesting to see).



Begin 1.5 mile climb out of Fiddletown on Tyler Rd.



Top of Fiddletown climb.  Road descends quickly to Lawrence Rd.



If taking shorter loop, turn Left immediately on Lawrence Rd. after crossing bridge.
Road climbs on rough pavement for next 0.6 miles
If taking longer route – go to
Alternate Route below.



Top of hill.  Road surface improves considerably.



Cross narrow bridge.  Lawrence Rd ends shortly.  Turn Left on Cedar Creek Rd.


(Alternate below rejoins main route here – Alternate route mileage shown in (blue)

15.1    (19.0)

Begin 0.7 mile climb on Cedar Creek Rd.


15.8    (19.7)

Cedar Creek Rd ends.  Turn Right on E16 / Mt Aukum Rd.


16.3    (20.1)

Turn Right on Omo Ranch Rd.


16.8    (20.7)

Turn Left on Dorado Canyon Rd ( Private Rd – but no gate)


17.8    (21.7)

Just past Winter Creek Rd , begin very steep descent (go slow here!)


19.8    (23.7)

Dorado Canyon Rd ends.  Turn Left on Fairplay Rd.


20.3    (24.2)

Ride ends at Pioneer Park .


Alternate Route (Starts at Tyler Rd / Lawrence Rd intersection at mile 13.0 on ride):

Slightly longer (3.9 miles), than the above ride, this takes you further along Tyler Rd before returning on Bridgeport School Rd (and Cedar Creek Rd).


Continue straight on Tyler Rd.   Road conditions are generally good for first 1.8 miles. Last mile has broken pavement.


Cross narrow bridge (re-enter El Dorado County ).  Tyler Rd ends.  Turn Left on Bridgeport School Rd.   Road conditions improve, but can still be bumpy in spots.


Bridgeport School Rd ends.  Turn Left onto Cedar Creek Rd.


Pass Lawrence Rd (ride re-joins above ride).  Continue straight on Cedar Creek Rd.