El Dorado Hills / Latrobe / Plymouth Ride

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate (2400' total climbing)
Riding Time: 3-4 hours  Printable Area Map:  El Dorado Hills_Latrobe_Plymouth Ride  (Adobe Acrobat required)
Season to Ride:  All year, except hot Summer days. Ideal in Spring when wildflowers are in bloom. 

Description:  This is a fun ride.  Though there is still a fair amount of hill climbing, it is spread out over a wider distance, and thus makes it a good training ride.  The biggest hills encountered are near the Consumes River (both directions), and the final climb to Plymouth.  Springtime cycling here is especially wonderful when everything is green and the wildflowers are in full force.  Road conditions vary considerably.  Latrobe Rd can be busy at times with no shoulder.  On top of this, there are several blind corners that the cyclist must take caution with.  Other spots, the shoulder widens considerably - especially just south of Latrobe.  This route is popular with cyclist, and there are signs out to warn motorist of cyclist on the road.  As always, ride with caution, but enjoy the ride!  It's a fun one!

Miles  Directions
0.0 Start at the corner of Investment Blvd and Latrobe Rd.  Head south on Latrobe Rd.
Note: To get there take Latrobe Rd about 2.6 miles south of Highway 50.  This is an industrial park area, and you can park nearby (Look for the big number 4 on the right side. This is Investment Blvd.  Go down Investment Blvd for one block and turn right on Robert J Mathews Pkwy, and you can park along the road there).
2.0 Pass Deer Creek.
5.5 Town of Latrobe (no facilities).  Continue straight on Latrobe Rd.
8.8 Cross Consumnes River.  You are now entering Amador County. 
12.0 At Stop sign, turn Left on Old Sacramento Rd.  Traffic lightens up here.
16.6 Enter town of Plymouth.  Road becomes Main St.  Grocery store and Restaurants available in town.
17.1 Highway 49 in the town of Plymouth.   Turn around.   Ride backtracks from here.
22.2 Turn Right on Latrobe Rd.
25.4 Cross Consumnes River.  Re-enter El Dorado County.
28.7 Go through town of Latrobe.
32.3 Pass Deer Creek.
34.2 Ride ends at corner of Investment Blvd and Latrobe Rd.