Coloma / Thompson Hill Loop

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate to Difficult (1700' total climbing)
Riding Time: 1.5 hours  Printable Area Map:  Coloma_Thompson_Hill_Loop  (Adobe Acrobat required)
Season to Ride:  All year - except coldest winter days. Ideal in Spring.  Summer afternoons may be too hot.

Description:  This is a relatively new ride, something that our bike group hadn't done before 2001.  Although the distance is relatively short, there is more climbing per mile than most other rides listed - which is why it borders on the difficult rating.  Don't let that discourage you though.  Thompson Hill Rd is a wonderful scenic road with little traffic, and makes all the climbing worth while.  The climb up Lotus Rd is stiff, but it gives you breaks, and the shoulder is wide here.  Only downside to this ride is the relatively short section on Cold Springs Rd which can have moderate to high traffic.  Highway 49 will also have moderate to high levels of traffic, but you will be riding downhill on this section, and traffic is slow due to the winding road.  Groceries and restaurants can be found in Coloma.

Miles  Directions
0.0 Start at the corner of Highway 49 and Lotus Rd in Coloma (this is right next to the American River). Head out on Lotus Rd.
1.8 Climb begins on Lotus Rd.  Shoulder widens here.
3.2 Turn Left on Thompson Hill Rd (near top of hill).
5.6 Thompson Hill Rd ends.  Turn Right on Cold Springs Rd.  Traffic increases here.
7.0 At stop sign, turn Left on Gold Hill Rd.  Traffic is lighter.
8.7 Gold Hill Rd ends.  Turn Left on Highway 49.  Traffic increases, but road is downhill back to Coloma.
13.1 Ride ends at corner of Highway 49 and Lotus Rd..