Cable Road Loop

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate (2000' total climbing)
Riding Time: 2 hours (moderate pace) Printable Area Map:  Cable Rd. Loop  (Adobe Acrobat required)
Season to Ride:  Spring through Summer

Description:  One of the most favorite local rides.  Very scenic all the way throughout.  Can be ridden Spring, Summer and on warmer winter days.  Avoid riding during Fall season (Apple Hill traffic) especially on the weekends.  Food can be purchased in Camino.   Bike supplies near start at Placerville Bike Shop.  Parking available at start of bike path.

Miles   Directions
0.0  Start at Bike Path parking lot.
1.8  Bike Path ends. Turn left onto Jacquier Rd.
2.7  Jacquier Rd ends, turn Right onto Carson Rd.
3.5  Turn Left onto Union Ridge Rd.
3.6  Turn Right onto Hassler Rd.
4.0  Pass Fruitridge Rd.  Continue straight (on Hassler)
7.2  Hassler ends.  Turn Left on North Canyon
9.5  North Canyon Rd ends.  Turn Left on Larson Rd.
10.9  Larson Rd ends. Turn Right on Cable Rd.
11.6  Cable Rd ends. Turn Right on Carson Rd.
11.8  Enter town of Camino (food available).  Continue straight.
16.8  Turn Left onto Jacquier Rd.
17.7  Turn Right onto Bike Path
19.5  Bike path ends at parking lot.